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Research goal

We intend to understand and emulate the different parts of the human brain. For that, it is evident that the current structure of artificial neural networks does not represent the real neural blocks of human brains.

The ultimate goal of this research is to emulate consciousness to help humanity solve all sorts of problems and enigmas focused on life science.

For instance, currently, we have neural networks that not represent real human biology. One of the first steps is the mathematization of processes that occur on the human body that affects the neurons during its changes. That affects how neurons react to inputs and, consequently, to outputs.

We are going to emulate the enzymes, proteins and all necessary. The bias is not enough to learn how human learn.

We try to solve, step by step and mathematically, some of the brain enigmas without an answer nowadays.

How to?
  • Emulating the real functionality of the human body.
  • Transforming the current Artificial Neural Network to something more bio-inspired.
  • DNA: we contain the information to create biologically consciousness. Creating the perfect environment where DNA evolves.
  • Finding quantum relationships?
  • (…)